7 Best Specialty Coffee Roasters In Paris – 2024

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Paris is famous for its romantically themed coffee houses, an integral part in many romantic movies.

The scene of coffee in Paris isn’t a romanticized affair without reasons, given that the coffee shops and roasteries have a lot of options in terms of the coffee.

The most renowned specialty coffee roasters located in Paris include Cafe Verlet, Substance Cafe, La Cafeotheque, Coutume, KB Coffee Roasters, Hexagone Cafe, and Lomi. They serve coffee from all over the globe, and are sure to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

The following list contains all of my personal favorites coffee roasters from Paris.

This list is not in any specific order. It’s advised to explore all of these locations for the ultimate Parisian coffee-drinking experience.

1. Cafe Verlet

Verlet is an integral element of coffee’s past, not only in Paris but across France.

The company was established in 1880. It began selling coffee, tea as well as spices and candied fruits.

The same time, Verlet also opened a roastery, which sold freshly roasted home-roasted coffee on the door of the shop.

The beans were roasted originated from Africa as well as in the West Indies, and America and continue to practice this custom to this day.

Verlet’s longevity Verlet is an indication of the superior quality of their coffee as well as the determination to provide the finest coffee to their loyal customers.

They always seek out farms which have the finest coffee is available.

The wines they produce are from common locations like Colombia or Panama however, they are interested in exploring more obscure sources like Thailand as well as Laos.

There is also a cafe, where you can enjoy delicious food, in addition to the coffee.

Tourists have heard of that it is a wonderful place to enjoy an petit déjeuner (breakfast) as well as always satisfied.

The staff is welcoming, and the vibe is warm, making it impossible to not enjoy yourself there.

Verlet also has a diverse selection of teas according to the traditions of its teas.

So, if your favorite source of caffeine is a beverage that is made of fine leaves you’ll have plenty of options for you to choose from.

Although you may prefer coffee instead of tea, you’ll get a kick out of their premium teas.

With the history of Verlet as well as the variety of beans it has available it is far more affordable.

There are a variety of types of blends as well as single origin coffees as well as with different grinds that will meet the needs of your family.

There isn’t a subscription option, however If you’re just visiting Paris for a trip as a tourist you don’t need it.

It is recommended to immerse yourself into the ambience of the café and have a good time.

Pack sizes250 grams
Bag priceEUR9.50+ ($9.88+)
Ground and whole bean?Both. There are different grinds available.
Subscribe service?No

2. Substance Cafe

Substance Cafe is one of the most sought-after locations in Paris where you can find the finest coffee that money can buy.

The cafe isn’t a huge establishment, but it draws numerous coffee drinkers and concentrates on providing exceptional service and enhancing the quality of your coffee.

The proprietor, Joachim Morceau, is an avid coffee drinker.

He’s so committed to his coffee as well as his art that he will not serve coffee with sugar or on takeaway cups.

It is clear that you are in love when you walk in and witness Joachim performing everything in front of guests, from latte to art.

The drinks available in the coffee shop is normal.

It is possible to find the usual items such as espressos and macchiatos but the standard will be superior to what is available at the majority of cafes.

The variety of roasted coffee is intentionally restricted.

There are currently six varieties of coffee to pick from. The list will be updated each Monday following roasting sessions.

The coffee originates from different places across South America and Africa, as well as being a single-origin blend currently.

It is possible to order it online and collect it at the shop. It’s expensive, but they’re justified by the superior excellent quality that the beans are.

There’s no subscription option that we’ll learn about it will be the main theme of the Parisian roasteries.

Alongside the coffee, you will get filters as well as other items you will need to making coffee at home.

The selection isn’t super vast, however it will aid you in your at-home coffee making.

The main focus of the business is to provide the highest quality coffee, not the equipment.

In the end, it’s an absolute must-see for any coffee-loving person.

Although it’s not the most affordable destination, it’s definitely worth the trip.

Pack sizes100 grams / 200 grams / 3.5 oz / 7.05 oz
Bag priceEUR19.00+ ($18.78+)
Ground and whole bean?Only whole beans
Subscribe service?No

3. La Cafeotheque

The coffee shop, as well as the roastery opened in 2005 by Gloria Montenegro in 2005. It boasts it’s the first roastery that is specialized located in Paris as well as France. Despite the long time it has been within the world of coffee in France It is highly sought-after as well as a favorite for those who love coffee. The cafe has significantly grown over time.

The facility has multiple rooms and the room specifically that roasts coffee as well as the School of Coffeeology.

The goal of the school is to teach coffee Sommeliers.

Coffee shop that roasts coffee from around the globe.

From Thailand all the way to Guyana From Guyana to Thailand, you will find everything you could ever want.

There’s even an idea of the coffee beans’ quality from any of those drawers of beans.

The drinks that you buy at the cafe are excellent and guaranteed to remain in your mind long once you have returned after a trip to Paris.

The coffee is prepared by the staff with care and displays an abundance of enthusiasm and knowledge about coffee.

Laptops aren’t allowed at the cafe so that people can socialize, and concentrate on their coffee.

It’s okay to use your smartphone However, you should be careful not to be distracted and concentrate on the special Parisian ambience and delicious coffee.

There are many international coffees that you can purchase in bags and prepare at the home.

Prices are far more affordable, and you’ll not spend a fortune If you’re looking to bring your favorite Parisian coffee back home.

A subscription-based service is not available as is the norm for French roasters.

If you’re planning to stay in Paris for longer it is necessary to take a walk to get your coffee.

Pack sizes250 grams / 1 kilogram / 8.81 oz / 2.2 lb
Bag priceEUR12.50+
Ground and Whole Bean?Both. A variety of grinds are offered.
Service for subscription?No

4. Coutume

Coutume is a charming small coffee shop and roastery which serves fantastic coffee as well as excellent brunch.

The café provides a relaxing atmosphere with fast, helpful service.

The staff members speak English which means you don’t be confronted with a language barrier that like you would at other coffee houses.

Tom Clark and Antoine Netien started the café in 2011 after a desire to roast and brew premium coffee using top equipment.

They’ve seen a great deal of success with their work And now, their delightful staff are able to provide you with various tasty coffee beverages.

There are many typical types of coffee such as cappuccino or espresso, however, you may also purchase the so-called “flight.”

The term “flight” refers to a single-origin coffee made in three different ways three ways: cappuccino, espresso and filter.

This lets you get an in-depth and precise tasting of it, and then be able to experience it in a variety of methods.

There are also desserts as well as savory desserts.

The city is a popular location for breakfast and brunch. So you are guaranteed to not be thirsty.

People have enjoyed breakfasts, croissants, pancakes along with Eggs Benedict.

It also has a wide variety of coffees that you could select. These are sourced from Ethiopia as well as other South American countries.

There’s lots to choose from, and it’ll be difficult to not find the coffee that you enjoy.

They aren’t terribly affordable, but often they offer discounts on single-kilo coffee bags. This means you’ll be able to have a decent quantity of coffee without spending much money.

Order online and order coffee from the store.

The company does not offer a subscription service in the manner that is common with Parisian roasters.

Pack sizes250 grams / 1 kilogram / 8.81 oz / 2.2 lb
Bag priceEUR12.50+ ($12.43+)
Ground and whole bean?Different grinds and whole beans.
Service for subscription?No

5. KB Coffee Roasters

The café was first opened in 2010 under the brand name Kooka Boora.

Since its opening, the company has had the opportunity to rebrand, change its name and focuses to roasting coffee of a speciality.

They are constantly improving their roasting procedure as well as seeking out new varieties of coffee.

The team is constantly looking for inspiration and also spends lots of time discussing their meals and figuring out creative ways to improve the quality of their food.

Coffee roasting is now a way to live living, and they lead a lives with a passion and commitment.

On their site, the owner claims that their work is an indulgence for themselves.

It is essential that they are enthusiastic about their work and be awed by the process.

But, they’ve succeeded in attracting and satisfying lots of customers despite what they claim to be self-interest.

The café is surrounded by a large terrace, where customers can relax and relax as you sip high-end espresso and cappuccino.

The staff are extremely friendly And no one has a reason to be unhappy with the service.

In addition to the coffee option, there are a variety of choices for tea, as well as an excellent breakfast.

There are also dairy-free milks, like Oat or almond, but it isn’t very popular in French cafes.

The variety of beans for coffee is diverse, and it is possible to get a wide variety of varieties that originate from Africa as well as South America.

Prices aren’t cheap However, they’re relatively affordable, meaning that purchasing a cup of coffee from here shouldn’t cost you much.

Additionally, you can find filters, grinders as well as other tools you could require to the home brewing of coffee.

There is a way to easily meet the coffee requirements you have there.

Order it on the internet or collect it at the cafe.

Pack sizes250 grams / 8.81 oz
Bag priceEUR14+ ($13.93+)
Whole bean and ground?Whole beans and various grinds.
Subscribe service?No.

6. Hexagone Cafe

The cafe got the name because of the French nickname (the nation is commonly called an hexagon because of the hexagonal shape).

The focus of the place is the production of high-end coffees and the perfect environment for people to be focused on one another as well as their cup of coffee.

In this way, the cafe does not have wi-fi available in the coffee shops as laptops are prohibited.

So, if you’re looking for the convenience of a cafe in which you could work at your desk, you’ll need to look somewhere else.

It’s pretty commonplace and is quite common in Paris however, don’t be relying in cafes as places it is possible to sit at an laptop and do be productive.

It is possible to get premium coffee beverages, that our staff prepares using care and enthusiasm.

Also, there are various teas to choose from if you’re too keen with coffee.

If you’re not a fan of tea and you’re with a companion it’s possible to get hot coffee, orange juice as well as ginger ale, to ensure that you don’t get thirsty.

The selection of coffee beans isn’t great, however these beans are top-of-the-line that will not leave you dissatisfied with them.

There are espresso beans as well as filter coffee beans, therefore it is possible to pick which one you’d like.

Online ordering is available The cost is reasonable.

Pack sizes250 grams / 8.81 oz
Bag priceEUR6+ ($5.97)
Ground & Whole Bean?Only whole beans
Service for subscription?No

7. Lomi

The coffee shop and the roastery dates back to 2010 which makes it a bit older.

The company was founded in the year 2000 by Aleaume Paturle and Paul Arnephy to provide the local community with high-quality, premium coffee.

Visitors aren’t often in this area, and Lomi is a wonderful destination to go to if you are looking to immerse yourself into the culture of the area.

Another place does not have wi-fi available, which means it’s best to meet with friends and concentrate on your cafe experience.

The coffee they use is source from across the globe in addition to the J’a Deux Amours espresso blend is very popular.

But their selection of coffee can be pretty wide, and there’s no reason to be dissatisfied even if you’re not a coffee fan.

The prices are affordable as well as they offer some organic coffees which means you get the greenest coffee experience.

It is possible to order your coffee online, and get your coffee delivered to the coffee shop of course.

Pack sizes250 grams / 2 kilograms / 8.81 oz / 4.4 lb
Bag priceEUR8.90+ ($8.85)
Whole bean and ground?Both
Service for subscription?No