Best Chicago Specialty Coffee Roasters

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Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and beautiful architecture. But did you know that the Windy City also has a thriving specialty coffee scene? With an abundance of independent roasters, it can be overwhelming to choose where to get your caffeine fix. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best specialty coffee roasters in Chicago that you need to try.

  1. Intelligentsia Coffee
    Nestled in the vibrant Logan Square neighborhood, Intelligentsia Coffee has established itself as a beloved institution within Chicago’s bustling coffee culture since 1995. With unwavering dedication, they meticulously source exceptional beans from small-scale farmers across the globe, ensuring the highest quality. Their artisanal roasting takes place in-house, resulting in a symphony of flavors. Delighting coffee connoisseurs, their menu boasts an extensive array of single-origin brews, complemented by exclusive blends only found in their inviting cafes..
    Why you should try it:
    At Intelligentsia Coffee, you can indulge in an immersive coffee experience through their captivating public cuppings (coffee tastings) and enlightening brewing classes. Additionally, their charming outdoor patio offers a delightful setting to savor your coffee while observing the world around you.
  2. Dark Matter Coffee
    Prepare for an extraordinary coffee experience with Dark Matter. Renowned for their intense and robust flavor profiles, this roaster has amassed a devoted following. With multiple city locations, each exuding its own distinctive ambiance, Dark Matter offers more than just coffee. Indulge in their signature blend, Unicorn Blood, a harmonious fusion of Ethiopian and Sumatran beans.
    Why you should try it:
    In addition to their delectable coffee, Dark Matter is renowned for its uniquely themed cafes. From “The Mothership,” inspired by the iconic Star Wars series, to “The Meddle,” a captivating steampunk haven, each location promises an unparalleled experience.
  3. Metric Coffee Co.
    If you’re seeking a tranquil and intimate café, Metric Coffee Co. is your perfect choice. Tucked away in the West Town neighborhood, this roaster delights customers with exceptional pour-over coffee. They meticulously select their beans from local farms and expertly roast them to perfection.
    Why you should try it:
    At Metric Coffee Co., we prioritize quality above all else. Our thoughtfully selected coffee offerings are meticulously curated and rotate with the changing seasons, guaranteeing you the opportunity to savor the freshest beans available..
  4. Gaslight Coffee Roasters
    Gaslight Coffee Roasters embraces simplicity, allowing the coffee to captivate your senses. Step into their sleek and minimalist cafes, where you’ll find a serene and inviting ambiance to savor their exquisite brews. Complementing their beverages, they offer an ever-changing array of delectable pastries and snacks.
    Why should you give it a try?
    Gaslight Coffee Roasters consistently delivers exceptional coffee, free from any hint of pretentiousness. And don’t miss the chance to bask in the sunshine on their spacious outdoor patio while indulging in your favorite latte.
  5. Big Shoulders Coffee
    Finally, we have Big Shoulders Coffee, a roaster that truly stands out. This exceptional company goes above and beyond to support local businesses and procure their beans directly from small farmers in the Midwest. But their commitment to sustainability doesn’t end there – they also prioritize eco-friendly packaging for their coffee.
    Why you should try it:
    Apart from their delectable coffee, Big Shoulders also offers a wide selection of dairy-free milk alternatives, making it the perfect haven for coffee enthusiasts. Moreover, their warm and inviting ambience, coupled with their amiable staff, will instantly make you feel at ease.
    As evident, Chicago boasts an abundance of remarkable specialty coffee roasters to cater to all discerning tastes. Whether you’re an experienced coffee aficionado or simply in pursuit of a delightful cup of joe, these roasters are definitely worth exploring in 2023. Enjoy your caffeine fix!

Now that you know the top specialty coffee roasters in Chicago, it’s time to plan your coffee tour! Make sure to try out each cafe and discover which one becomes your favorite. And who knows, maybe by 2024, there will be even more exciting and innovative roasters to add to this list. Keep exploring and supporting your local coffee scene, one cup at a time. Cheers! ☕️🌃🏙️

Stay Caffeinated! Don’t forget to stay caffeinated with these amazing specialty coffee roasters in Chicago. With so many options to choose from, there’s no excuse not to try them all. And who knows, maybe you’ll find your new go-to spot for that perfect cup of coffee! Keep supporting small businesses and fueling your caffeine addiction with these top roasters in the Windy City. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and get your caffeine fix at these Chicago specialty coffee roasters!